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Saturday, 24 February

Two Locations on One Tour of duty

The Local Government Association headquarters in London has appointed Bouygues Energies & Services to deliver a TFM and soft services contract for three years.

The services include mechanical and electrical maintenance and cleaning and security which will be delivered in line with the CCS RM1056 Framework. For the first nine months of the contract services will be provided to Layden House in Farringdon, while LGA’s Headquarters is being refurbished. Once completed, services will transfer to Local Government House in Westminster, for the remainder of the contract.

LGA Deputy Chief Executive Sarah Pickup said: “This arrangement will cover both our time at Layden House in Farringdon and when we return to our main offices in Westminster next summer and beyond, which will provide the continuity and efficiency of services that we need.

The Crown Commercial Service RM1056 Framework is a four year (July 2016 to July 2020) framework for the provision of facilities management services to central government departments/agencies and the wider public sector such as NHS Trusts etc. The framework is divided into three Lots:

Lot 1: Total Facilities Management consists of a multi-supplier lot incorporating all facilities management services from maintenance and building fabric repairs to security, cleaning, catering and waste management, all delivered by a single supplier.

Lot 2: Hard Facilities Management consists of a multi-supplier lot incorporating a range of hard services including maintenance and building fabric repairs, mechanical and electrical services and landscaping.

Lot 3: Soft Facilities Management consists of a multi-supplier lot incorporating a range of soft services including catering, cleaning, security and waste management which support the day to day operation of a property.

There are 10 contractors appointed to each of the three Lots. Bouygues Energies & Services are appointed to Lot 1 and Lot 3.

The LGA is a membership organisation, which includes 349 English councils, the 22 Welsh councils via the Welsh LGA, 31 fire authorities, 10 national parks and one town council.

Picture: Local Government House in Westminster



Article written by Cathryn Ellis


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