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Sunday, 25 February

All the World’s an Accessible Stage

A Kent based company believes it has solved the issue of access and security at Dartford’s ‘Orchard Theatre’ via the use of a ‘cutting edge’ computer based access control system. 

Green Gate Access Systems used the Paxton Net2 entry control system which is connected to the building management network, allowing the use of swipe cards for employees and ‘disposable pin codes’ for known and pre-booked disabled visitors. 

The new security measures, put in place two weeks ago, enable disabled visitors to request a parking space with a booking and receive a reservation and pin code e-mailed to them, for use on an allocated date and time slot.  Theatre subscribers can also be issued with an annual swipe card. 

Originally contacted by Orchard Theatre in 2012 to review its parking security, Green Gate Access Systems considered several options for the project, with the consultation process lasting a number of months to ensure the right system was installed. 

The original hydraulic blockers have been repaired and serviced, warning sirens and red/green traffic lights have been installed and the Paxton Net2 entry control system has been introduced. 

Access control is mounted on an O&O Totum, part of the overall safety package that also includes highways grade waning, no entry signs and underground safety loops with directional logic. Blockers rise swiftly after a vehicle has entered and minimises tail-gating.

With the theatre located just off  Dartford High Street and in close proximity to a large shopping centre, railway station and pay and display car park, there had always been a temptation for shoppers and commuters to take advantage of the theatre’s free car parking facilities.  “We are delighted with the work undertaken by Green Gate Access Systems and can now boast an easy to manage system, ensuring adequate parking for our disabled patrons and staff,” said Will West, Technical and Buildings Manager, Orchard Theatre. “The ability to control the system from my laptop is fantastic. It has been an extremely challenging installation in a busy thoroughfare, but we now have an excellent result.”


Pictured: The Orchard Theatre, Dartford, now has a security system from Green Gate Access Systems. 

Article written by Mike Gannon


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