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Sunday, 25 February

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Air Filters Ltd Stand No. N1260

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The American Air Filter Co., Inc. has acquired Flanders Holdings LLC (Flanders), a major air filter manufacturer in the United States. With this acquisition, Flanders’ expertise in manufacturing air filtration products will be integrated into AAF International.

The combination of AAF and Flanders will create the largest air filter company of its type in the North American and global air filtration markets, it is claimed.

“It’s exciting to be a part of the air filtration industry right now. Almost everything we frequently take for granted in our modern world, including safe food, effective medicines, consumer electronics, the buildings we live and work in, even the cars we drive, all of these things create demand for high-performance air filtration,” Philip Whitaker, AAF International’s Chief Executive Officer, said.

“Our new company, doing business as AAF Flanders, will offer the most complete spectrum of air filtration products, ranging from furnace filters for homes, all the way up to high-tech filtration housings used by the most sophisticated of manufacturing operations.”

Approximately 50% of a building’s energy consumption goes to the heating, cooling, and moving of air, according to the Department of Energy and air filters play a major role in how much energy each HVAC system will consume. Up to 37% more energy is used by HVAC systems with dirty coils vs. clean coils. Air filters provide much needed protection for those coils. Air filtration is also a major component of green building design. Green buildings use on average 26% less energy, emit 33% less carbon dioxide, use 30% less indoor water, and send 50%-75% less solid waste to landfills and incinerators, according to the General Services Administration (GSA).

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