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Sunday, 25 February

A Bit Of A Lottery In The FM Digest Lucky Dip Bag

A Bit Of A Lottery In The FM Digest Lucky Dip Bag

BIFM has raised the thorny issue of post-Brexit migration labour access concerns; and Mitie will provides health & safety passports for Highways England. Then there's some international news; and Camelot calling for consultancy   


A two-year contract to provide health & safety passports for Highways England has gone to Mitie Security. 'Mitie Validate’ uses smart technology to maintain up-to-date credentials and manage site access for 50,000 workers.

The system operates using personalised smart cards which act as electronic ID for workers to gain access to construction sites, speeding up the clocking in and out process. The cards store vital information about the holder’s qualifications and competencies, ensuring specialist jobs are carried out by correctly qualified people.

Mitie Validate also stores the number of hours worked and that fitness to work guidelines are clearly adhered to. It can operate on multiple platforms including smartphones, making it easier to manage both contractors and sub-contractors across sites.


BIFM raises future migration labour access concerns

The British Institute of Facilities Management recently held a Leaders’ Forum on migration, in light of the existing skills gap across the FM sector, which have been managed in part by access to European Economic Area nationals. In light of Brexit, members discussed the impact on the sector of reduced access to a flexible labour market.

The outcome of this Leaders’ Forum was a position paper outlining the context, profiles and trends and making several recommendations for a future UK migration policy.  The paper also states how wider policies should support the skills and productivity agenda.  The position paper was submitted to the Migration Advisory Committee’s consultation and it was also submitted to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee Inquiry on Immigration Policy.

BIFM is concerned about the ending of Free Movement of People, especially against the backdrop of the skills gap the FM industry is currently facing.

While the sector has grown exponentially over the last three decades, the FM industry skills gap has been caused by demographic change and a lack of applicants considered to have the right aptitude and motivation.

The position paper stresses that BIFM members already invest in training and other methods to upskill their workforce, however uncertainty over a new immigration policy adds to the challenges of recruitment.

Without up to 34% of its workforce and access to a flexible future labour market, the FM sector will find it challenging to deliver its contributions to around 7% of GDP. On the basis of qualitative evidence, BIFM considers that the loss of access to the EEA labour market threatens the global leader position which the sector has worked hard for and will widen even further the skills gap the FM sector already has to manage.

In its response to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee inquiry, BIFM calls upon the Government to work with the FM sector to ensure ongoing access to the type of skilled labour it needs. In the short term, this means the immediate guarantee of the right to remain for EEA nationals, who are valued members of our society. In the longer term, this means the development of a flexible system of migration that continues to allow access to the appropriate levels of labour from the EU and beyond.

This is just one aspect of BIFM’s response on the issue of migration, with further and more detailed evidence to form part of wider communications on the subject.


NorthernPathways Best Social Infrastructure Project silver

NorthernPathways, the consortium chosen to build the New Grafton Correction Centre in New South Wales, Australia has won silver in the best Social Infrastructure Project at the inaugural Asia Pacific PPP Awards.



  • A design solution that reflects the aspirations of the State, supporting a step change in performance across NSW and creating the future hub of the Northern NSW correctional system;
  • The delivery of programmes to reduce recidivism, through preparing inmates for reintegration back into the community thereby making communities safer;
  • A commitment to partner with local and regional community – NGO’s and local business and employees – creating engagement and employment opportunities for inmates;
  • The generation of strong economic and social benefits to the local region and the broader NSW community including the injection of $560 million into the local community over the contract term; and
  • The creation of 1,100 jobs during construction and 600 jobs once operational.


Serving up results

Elior Group, the international catering and support services operator, has released its consolidated results for FY 2016-2017, corresponding to the twelve months ended September 30, 2017.

Commenting on these results, Pedro Fontana, Elior Group's Deputy Chief Executive Officer, said, "The 2016-2017 fiscal year brought with it a number of operational challenges, which were particularly concentrated in the second half. These included an exceptionally unfavorable calendar effect for contract catering, the renewal of a significant number of our motorways contracts in France and the continued Group-wide rollout of technological transformation programs and upgrades to our information systems. Despite this context, we pursued our expansion drive, both from a commercial standpoint and through a number of strategic acquisitions, notably in the United States. Organic revenue growth came to 3.6%, excluding the impact of voluntary contract exits and total growth for the year was 8.9%,

"Adjusted EBITDA rose 5.9%."


National Lottery Operator Camelot Calls Incentive FM Consultancy As Project Winner  

Incentive FM Consultancy is currently delivering an intensive consultancy project for Camelot, the licensed operator of The National Lottery. Incentive has appointed a new dedicated Head of Facilities Management for Camelot to oversee the company’s day-to-day FM operations and work with other members of the Incentive executive team on this assignment.

 They will review the organisation’s FM operation and make recommendations for any future structural and operational service delivery changes.

 As part of the consultancy assignment, Incentive extensively reviewed the capabilities of 10 candidates for the position of Head of FM, before working closely alongside Camelot to jointly approve the selection of Alicia Moult, who has previously held the roles of Interim Head of Facilities at McCann and Group Facilities Manager at Wonga. Alicia joined Incentive earlier this month and was immediately assigned to Camelot, where she will be based at the company’s head office in Watford. Her remit includes overall responsibility for maintenance, cleaning, security, M&E, reception, print room, and office services at six Camelot properties across the UK.

 As part of the project,  a detailed plan and regular reports will be provided to Camelot’s executive team with recommendations and options for the organisation’s FM budget and operation around the UK. Incentive will also review current operations across Camelot’s portfolio of buildings, before recommending the most appropriate and effective future model for service delivery. The intention is for Camelot to implement its finalised FM strategy from 1st April 2018 or sooner.

Picture: Camelot has stuck its balls in one pocket and chosen a consultancy to consider options for the organisation’s FM budget and operation around the UK

Article written by Brian Shillibeer


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